Thursday, June 17, 2010

Unforgettable Trip with My PLKN Friends=)

Went out for a trip at Pulau Jerejak in Penang.A total of 12 peoples gathered at the jetty before heading towards the small island which is situated opposite to Penang Island.Me,Simon,Winson,JJ,Vivian,Cyn,Vicky,Gan Sheng,Ken,Adrian,Jin and Christ were among the 12 peoples^^.At first,Vivian bought the things for steambot but the management told us that outside food were not allowed to bring in.==''.We had our plan B by placing the seafood at Christ's house.Then we went to take our ferry on 1130am.The view was nice and beautiful.We checked in around 1230pm.We started our outdoor activities around 230pm which starts with wall climbing.The height of the wall quite amazed me=X.As Im quite afraid of height but I still managed to do this in front of them la^^After wall climbing we were told to do flying fox in the jungle.As we had to go into the jungle so he brought us to a jungle trekking which was so tiring=XWe only rest after 20mins walk and everybody seems tired.Before we reached for the flying fox there is a suspension bridge lo~Flying fox next for sure=)After the flying fox we had been ordered to walk along the cemented road to go back our hotel.It took us about 10mins to reach our hotel^^After that we went for a swim in the pool=)Enjoyed swimming there=PBefore going for our dinner,we took some photos in the room^^Then we had our dinner at the restaurant in the hotel=)The food was quite tempting=P.